Haig Balian Films

Impact Films for Development Agencies and NGOs


I'm a filmmaker and a teacher with an internationally recognised education degree. I have the classroom experience to offer your staff training to produce short form videos for the web. I can collaborate with you to develop tailor-made interactive workshops where we will work on:


Identifying your audience and planning your shoot

Are you interested in producing an advocacy film, which raises awareness about a cause? Or do you want to keep your funders up-to-date about your programs and projects? Knowing who to target is the first step in moving your audience to action.  In the first part of the workshop, you will learn how the emotive quality of film reaches the hearts and minds of communities, supporters, and decision makers.


Interviewing and b-roll basics

Whether you have access to top-of-the-line cameras or if you're shooting with your phone, there are universal techniques that can make your films look good and sound good.  Working with your equipment, I'll show your staff how to set up a camera and your audio recording device. While interviewing one another, we'll work on framing shots, using external recorders, and the tricks to get the most out of your gear and your time. 


Editing and sharing your films

You've shot your film, but now you're left with hundreds of gigabytes of video files, dozens of audio files, and aren't sure how to organise them. In the final part of the workshop, I will show your staff how to import your footage from your camera, easily synchronise video and audio, and review basic approaches to keep your files sorted.  

Next, we'll edit the interview and view the edited piece as a group. Finally, we'll export the video as a file that is ready to be uploaded.